86. Enhancing Physical & Emotional Intimacy in Natural and Comfortable Ways

How do you maintain intimacy in a committed relationship?

This can be such a loaded question. But it’s an important question. Because now, more than ever, couples want more than just a relationship based on sharing the responsibilities of taking care of a family plus sex in acceptable intervals.

Family life educator Amberly Lambertson joins us on the podcast to talk about some natural and comfortable ways to enhance your physical and emotional connection with your partner.

I ask her:

  • How do you define intimacy and why is it important to know what it means?
  • How do physical and emotional intimacy work together? 
  • What can couples do to improve their physical and emotional connection?
  • How can couples work on their physical intimacy outside the bedroom?
  • What advice do you have for women who feel like all physical affection comes with an expectation for sex?

A Simple, Straightforward, And Surprisingly Effective Guide for Hard Conversations

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