85. Learning How to Manage Relationship Anxiety Without Being a Bully or a Doormat

As we dive into the topic of differentiation this month on the podcast...

Sharon shares some personal examples of what this has looked like at different points in her marriage.

Topics mentioned in this episode:

  • How being the “golden child” set her up for a habit of over-functioning in marriage
  • Feeling the competing pressures to get married young and also meet her potential academically and in a career
  • What it was like to be dating in a culture that didn’t seem to appreciate accomplished and ambitious women
  • Reframing hard moments in marriage so that she could move forward and build a healthy relationship
  • How she focused on her own growth and personal work, even when Mario’s behavior was unacceptable
  • What’s on the other side of the long and painful journey of making room for yourself in a marriage where you once felt exploited and unappreciated

A Simple, Straightforward, And Surprisingly Effective Guide for Hard Conversations

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