81.  How To Love Your Partner Even If You Don’t Know Their Love Language

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have some opinions about the very popular marriage book, The Five Love Languages.

Maybe it’s because five years ago, when my husband and I were at the very peak of our marriage struggles, my father in law gave each adult family member a copy of this book and a promise of a very generous cash incentive when we read it as a couple.

My husband and I never read the book.

I had read the book several years before, and I just didn’t see how anything it said could help us. But before you start to think that I’m a complete Love Language agnostic, let me say that there are some merits to this concept. 

Listen to this episode for my thoughts on:
  • Why the Five Love Languages is so popular
  • When the framework of Love Languages can be useful
  • How this concept is used in damaging ways, and
  • What to do instead of learning each other’s Love Language

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