78. Scientific Approaches to Resolving Trauma & Optimizing Brain Function with Liliam Llanos

When you have unresolved trauma it impacts your daily habits and outlook on life. It might show up as difficulty in relationships, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, or physical illness.

In this episode of the Keep Talking Revolution Podcast, Liliam Llanos talks about the moment she realized she was healing because she was suddenly looking forward to the idea of a long life and what the future had in store for her. She thought she had tried everything to feel better – therapy, medication, and everything in between – and then she started learning about the neuroscience of trauma and how to reprogram the brain and reconsolidate memories in a more helpful frame.

Liliam and I talk about:

  • How to recognize we have unresolved trauma
  • Some techniques for reprogramming and optimizing our brains, andĀ 
  • How to talk to our loved ones and ask for support on our healing journeys

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