71. Overcoming Fear & Frustration in Love Relationships with Stacy Perry

When you’re feeling frustrated in a relationship, it can be easy to assume that the problem is you.

Maybe you’re just not lovable. At least not to your person.

So you go into “problem-solving” mode. What’s wrong with me? How can I make myself more attractive to the people I most want to attract?

This week’s guest Stacy Perry says that this type of thinking is not helpful. It creates so much unnecessary fear and frustration in our relationships.

Instead, she suggests that believing you are lovable, just as you are, is the key to getting the relationship you want.

While some people may think that believing in your inherent lovability might make you overlook areas where you can grow, Stacy says that approaching yourself with an unshakeable sense of worthiness is the best way to overcome fear and frustration in your romantic relationships.

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