69. Recovering From Betrayal & Using Crisis As A Catalyst For Growth with Vauna Byrd

Vauna Byrd thought that everything in her marriage was going great.

She had three little ones and was starting to feel like she and her husband were more financially stable and secure. Then, the police showed up at her door and she discovered that her husband had been involved with a teenage girl. 

Everyone told her that divorce was her only option. But something inside of her encouraged her to hold on to hope. 

After a three-year separation – and lots of healing and growth – they reunited their family and started rebuilding their lives together.

Listen to the full episode to learn:
  • How she handled the pressure to leave, 
  • How she was able to heal and forgive, and
  • What things are like now that this crisis is behind them

When I asked Vauna what her most important work was during their three-year separation she said, “rebuilding our relationship and rebuilding trust.”

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