66. Why It’s OK To Say The Wrong Thing

I recently had an experience with a client where I said the wrong thing.

I got in a hurry and jumped the gun without reading the signs for what really needed to happen. I felt bad about it for a minute and then I realized that all was not lost. If I could own up to what happened and share with her how I would have liked to have handled things we could both learn something from the experience.

Making mistakes and then recovering from them is such an effective but counterintuitive way to build trust in connection in a relationship.


And that’s why I believe that it’s not really a problem to say the wrong thing.

Here are three good reasons to stop worrying about saying the wrong thing:

  1. Contrast creates clarity: When you say or hear something that doesn’t totally align, you get some great clues about what is more true and aligned for you.
  2. It’s inevitable: Trying to be superhuman is exhausting and impossible. So embrace your humanity and learn from it.
  3. To build trust: Recognizing your mistakes and owning up to them builds trust and connection in a relationship in a way that nothing else can.

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