59. The Power of Surrender

Maybe you’re like me and the word surrender feels disempowering and weak.

It’s taken me a while to learn that surrender isn’t weakness, but it is the opposite of control.

I always thought that surrender mean to be controlled or to give into someone more domineering and powerful, but that’s not it at all. Surrender is simply giving up the need to be in control.

I experienced a moment of surrender several years ago when I told my husband, “If this doesn’t stop I don’t want to be married anymore.” I had given up trying to convince him to behave the way I thought he should behave. I decided that I had my back, and the universe had my back, and whatever happened next would work out.

This conversation with my husband led to a separation that lasted a few weeks. I was working part-time at that time and had two very young kids. I had no idea how I would support myself if we ended up divorcing, but I knew that I would figure it out.

That separation and the shift that I experienced at the time completely transformed me and the way I show up in my relationships. And now that I’ve had a chance to understand and process that shift, I wanted to share it with you in this episode of the Keep Talking Revolution Podcast.

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