55. Sharing Our Costanzo Family Portrait

Mario and I started meeting with Sara Thingvold at the beginning of the year to create our couple & family portrait.

In the previous episode of the podcast, Sara shared how a family portrait can help a family to become more aware and intentional of how they are co-creating their lives. I was so intrigued by this process and jumped at the chance to work with Sara and create our Costanzo Family Portrait.

In this episode of the podcast, Mario and I share our portrait, what our experiences were creating the portrait, and how this guiding document has already helped us move through some previously sticky situations more gracefully.

I shared the image of our family portrait on social media a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already gotten a lot of questions about how you can do a portrait for yourself.

Whether you’re single and contemplating a future relationship, just want to get clear on your own vision, purpose and values, or are in a long term relationship and want to work on your couples portrait, Sara can help. Click the link below to get in touch with Sara and start your own portrait.

Connect with our guest Sara Thingvold

A Simple, Straightforward, And Surprisingly Effective Guide for Hard Conversations

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