49. A Relationship Framework That Embraces Your Strengths, Parts 1 & 2

Can you have a relationship that embraces your strengths - rather than some arbitrary, pre-assigned roles?

I invited Bruce Pagano to come back on the podcast and talk about an idea that is prevalent both within religious communities and in everyday life – the idea that men and women are better suited to specific roles within a relationship and within communities.

Often these beliefs aren’t so clearly stated, but they manifest in the way that men fail to accept the influence of their spouses, don’t give the same respect to their female peers and managers at work, and act in ways that prioritize their needs and experiences.

Bruce and I talk about our own experiences in our relationships and the conflicts that arise when couples are playing a role rather than embracing their strengths.

Bruce shares tips and insights for recognizing the prevailing narrative in your relationship and making the shift to a more egalitarian relationship.

A Simple, Straightforward, And Surprisingly Effective Guide for Hard Conversations

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