45. Playing to Win – How to get your partner to show up for you in your relationship

Have you ever wondered why your partner is so much more interested in playing video games than he is in spending time with you?

Why do men zone out when we want so much for them to be present and engaged in our relationship?

It could be that he doesn’t see a way to win in the relationship.

What our guest Chris is suggesting in this episode is for us – as women – to take a hard look at what we might be doing to contribute to this dynamic. Taking a deeper look at ourselves when we’re already in pain can be such an act of courage. And, it can be just what’s needed to unlock the meaningful and loving relationship that we’re looking for.

“Playing to Win” means giving our partner a chance to be victorious, to feel valued, appreciated, and acknowledged. When you “play to win” you clearly communicate what you want from him and where he is doing a good job.

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