42. Beyond Relationship Basics

What is the purpose and meaning of your relationship?

In the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work – Gottman finishes the seven principles with the principles of Creating Shared Meaning.

There are four pillars described in the Seven Principles Book:

  1. Rituals of Connection
  2. Support for Each Other’s Roles
  3. Shared Goals
  4. Shared Values and Symbols

Our guest, Alicia Montemurro, explains so well how creating shared meaning is an important component of our well-being both as individuals and within our relationships.

Listen to episode 42 of the Keep Talking Revolution podcast to learn:

  • Two components of meaning and their benefits
  • Five benefits of living with purpose
  • How you can create and support the roles you play in your relationship beyond a prescribed gender role orientation 
  • Why tension builds when there are conflicting views over values, goals, and goals and how to achieve more unity and harmony

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