40. Should We Agree to Disagree?

Every couple has irreconcilable differences in their relationship. Often these issues are avoided or result in frequent arguments and disagreements.

In this episode, Janika Veasley joins us to talk about managing perpetual conflict without sweeping things under the rug or constantly caving to your partner’s preferences and perspectives. We discuss the nuances of compromise and the difference between agreeing to disagree and putting a band aid on our differences.

To constructively address any perpetual conflict, you need to first understand its cause. Under every gridlocked issue is a dream or hope that is unfulfilled. Uncovering the dreams within a conflict is a very effective way to create more understanding and less friction in your relationships.

Listen to the episode to hear how you can find the dream within a conflict and other great tips for disagreeing without losing your friendship.

Connect with our guest Janika Veasley:

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