38. The Misguided Goal of Conflict Resolution

Avoid Trying to Solve Conflict That Can Only Be Managed


Not all relationship conflict can be resolved and when that becomes the goal, your relationship is headed to conflict gridlock.

Gridlock is avoidable when you understand when your problems are solvable and when they are perpetual (i.e. manageable). 

In this episode, we talk with Gottman Therapist Laura Silverstein about two kinds of relationship conflict. Some conflict can be resolved, and some problems are perpetual. For perpetual problems, the skill of managing conflict with openness and curiosity is your key to maintaining trust and intimacy.

This episode is an overview of the different types of conflict. For more tips and strategies, stay tuned for the upcoming episodes.

Laura wants to remind the audience that working on your relationship doesn’t need to be hard. Make sure to keep things fun by spending time together, keeping it fresh, and taking care of the fun in your relationship.

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