37. Make it Irresistible Yor Your Partner to Meet Your Needs

When you approach your partner with a need, do they respond openly or do they close off and get defensive?

This week’s guest Dianne Presley joins me to talk about sharing our needs in a way that invites collaboration instead of competition. She uses the CPR formula for sharing a need:

  • C – Compliment
  • P – State the Problem
  • R – Make a Request

Sometimes these formulas don’t work like we expect because:

  • Compliments are only given when a request is soon to follow
  • Problems are shared with more blame and less personal responsibility
  • Requests are rigid and demanding instead of open and exploratory, or
  • All the baggage of past hurts and emotions doesn’t have time to air out before you expect a big change

Listen in to hear our conversation about how sharing our needs really can be inviting and collaborative, even if it takes a while to create new patterns and habits of communication in your relationship.

Connect with our guest Dianne Presley:

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