24. Falling in Love with Yourself with Dr. Lori Monaco

What’s the self-talk in your head?

If you go to a mirror and speak out loud the same words to yourself, is it something you would repeat to someone else?

About 5 1/2 years ago, Dr. Lori Monaco (aka the Badass Buddha) hit rock bottom at 46 years old. She had to restart financially, personally, and in her career. At one point, she considered suicide.

She decided that her life was worth living and started to work on herself and learn about herself. As she changed the way she spoke to herself, her new relationship with herself reflected in how she communicated with others. 

Now Lori starts coaching her clients by having them list out what they like, love, dislike, and hate about themselves. Then, she guides them on a journey of learning to love themselves and change the things they aren’t happy about, which in turn produces more authentic and connected relationships. 

Lori’s tips for your self-love journey:

  • Practice everyday mindfulness to create more self-awareness
  • Accept the parts of you that you don’t like and work on improving them
  • Smile and laugh 
  • Seek out eye contact in your day to day interactions
  • Reflect on the feedback you are receiving from others
  • Trust that all will be as it should be
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