20. A Model for Empowered Conversation with Margot Zaher

Want to know the easiest way to de-escalate a tense situation?

I had a great conversation with Margot Zaher for this week’s podcast episode.

Margot shared so many great tips on empowered conversations. My favorite moment was when she shared how she was able to de-escalate a very tense moment with a large, angry man that she had rear-ended using the power of validation.

She also shares:
  • How to stop, breathe, and center yourself so that you can communicate clearly.
  • Why leading with vulnerability is so powerful.
  • How to set the stage and create a safe container for the conversation.
  • Why validating the other person is so empowering.
  • How to shift from setting the stage for the conversation to revealing your story and making a request of the other person.

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