19. Win-Win Conversations Part 3 – Commit to Keep Talking

Hard conversations are rarely resolved in a single event.

When you have a linear approach to communicating, it can be very frustrating when those blow-up, suck it up, or walk away moments happen. There’s no easy way back to resolving your initial concern or complaint.

However, when you follow the 5 parts of the Keep Talking Framework, you have all the time you need to correct misunderstandings, think through unexpected responses, and continue along a productive path. 

The five parts of the framework are:

  1. Initiate: Start with sharing what you want to communicate and what you want the outcome to be.

  2. Pause: If your Conversation Kryptonite creeps in, take a healthy pause to calm your emotions (or allow your partner to calm down) so that you can continue when problem-solving is more likely.
  3. Repair: Get clear on your part in the communication breakdown. Create space for your partner to own his part. 
  4. Resume: Once misunderstandings and communication breakdowns have been repaired, resume a healthy discussion about the original topic.
  5. Resolve: Reach your conversation objective in a way that both partners feel seen & heard. 

A Simple, Straightforward, And Surprisingly Effective Guide for Hard Conversations

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